About Us

The aim of the Chamber is to improve the economic environment whilst sustaining quality of life within the community by ensuring effective transportation, education and skills training, adequate development of land and a vibrant town centre.

Our current membership includes businesses both large and small that cover a wide range of business sectors, both in Banbury and the surrounding area.

The Chamber gives members access to the decision makers either personally or through the board as it meets regularly with members and officers of Cherwell District Council.

We are pursuing the Cherwell’s Local Development Framework and economic development in the form of the M40 partnership and leisure facilities.

We also liaise with Oxfordshire County Council on the county structure plan and transport plan.

We have excellent communications with our local MP Victoria Prentis and meet twice yearly with Graeme Chaplin, Agent at the Agency for the West Midlands Bank of England.

In summary:

The Chamber has representatives on the following:

The current Executive Board Members are:

Our Mission Statement

The job of the Chamber of Commerce is to influence the development of the town and try to ensure that is does not grow without the necessary infrastructure to support it in the future. We are committed in looking after the interests of the business community and take on board the concerns and issues impacting on businesses in Banbury.

Our History

The Chamber was formed in 1947 from the Chamber of Trade which dated back to at least 1922.  It is voluntarily run by business people from industrial, business and professional, retail and service sectors of the town.  It is the only recognised independent body representing the business community.

In 2004, after consultation with our membership we decided to continue independently rather than join Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, as it was felt that we could represent our members more beneficially by being based in the town.

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