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360 Wellbeing

360 Wellbeing is about providing you with all-round support within workplace mental health. From guidance and consultancy to training and implementation, holistic therapies and one to one counselling. We are there for all your workplace mental wellbeing requirements. As a mental health consultancy, we guide you in the most efficient way of supporting the mental wellbeing of your employees, whilst also reducing your overall costs within the areas of Recruitment, Retention, Presenteeism and Productivity.

We are dedicated to Leading, Inspiring, Facilitating and Empowering businesses and organisations, to gain a better understanding of Workplace Mental Health, identifying how it impacts them and how to better support their employees.

“360 wellbeing provides a better understanding of workplace mental health, guiding businesses in the most effective way of implementing the training that is right for them, empowering employers to make informed decisions on how best to support the mental wellbeing of their employees, that lead to reduced business costs and overall improved efficiency” – Nick Wilson, Director, Mind Health Ambassador and Public Speaker.