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360 Wellbeing Events

Keeping you updated on worthwhile Events, open Course dates and exciting Announcements as and when they happen. 

There are two really worthwhile events taking place in the next couple of weeks, that we feel you would truly benefit from;

  • On Wednesday 30th October there is our first ever “SME Mental Health Awareness” Workshop which is being held in Banbury and has been developed specifically with the smaller business in mind, even down to the timing, at only 3hrs long, and cost @ only £47+vat.
  • Then on Thursday 07th November, we are holding a “Stress Awareness Drop-In” Event, sponsored by Natwest and Oxford City FC.

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Mental Health Workshop, providing a better understanding, identifying coping strategies, signposting & Self-Care. Can you afford not to attend?
FREE to attend. It is requested that Donations are made instead, with 100% of the monies going directly to Oxford base Charity – SeeSaw.


Co-Founder of 360Wellbeing Nick Wilson, will be launching himself as a professional Mental Health Speaker in 2020. Whilst he has provided a number of successful talks, from 2020 he will seek to talk on the professional Speaking circuit!
He has come a long way the past four years, though he fully appreciates that his journey continues. The value of what he has learned and his experiences, is of such, that many will find themselves fully immersed, engaged and emotionally linked to his very authentic, honest and “Real” manor, providing all with great value.
Nick Wilson

  • Served 14 years in the Army, deploying on several Operational Tours around the globe including: N.Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq & Afghanistan. Was Instructing/Coaching for over 12 years of that.
  • Started a Chauffeur company in 2014 and turned it into a £1/4million business in two years.
  • Broke down July 2016, failed suicide attempt, spent two weeks in Combat Stress, sold the business and made the decision to fight back 2017.
  • Diagnosed with PTSD in 2016, which became CPTSD in 2019.
  • Degenrative Disease Disorder of the spine, leading to 7 Pro lapsed discs and experiencing consistent, chronic spinal pain daily since 2012.
  • Studied CBT, NLP and Psychology.
  • Started a Mental Health Consultancy in 2017 and merged to become 360 Wellbeing in 2019, with his personal and business partner.
  • Has raised over £75,000 for Charity by planning events such as Basrah’s first half marathon in Iraq and a non stop 1000mile cycle ride through Europe for the 60th D-Day commemorations.
  • Ran highly successful Mental Health campaigns in 2018 & 2019, which positively impacted and reached approximately 250,000 people, through #Realmentalk & #Timetolisten.