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4P Business Development is led by business coach, mentor and advisor Kath Bonner-Dunham. They help businesses of all sizes and sectors across the South of England to grow and to realise their true potential.

Are you a business owner or manager, with a passion and desire to grow and achieve what you really want for your business? Perhaps you want growth, diversification, greater profitability or a better work life balance. 4P Business development can help you take your business forward to success. They provide expert coaching and mentoring so that you and your business can perform to its true potential…

Kath Bonner-Dunham gets results. She has the powerful ability to cut through the distraction, noise, and chaos that beset so many business owners today. Her refreshingly clear communication and straight-to-the-heart approach are a gift to her clients.

The value of her input and her results cannot be overstated. Her compassion shines through in her commitment to helping clients achieve their excellence. Kath is brilliant and has my deepest respect and endorsement. If you want results in your business and are sick of empty motivation, then you owe it to yourself and your business to work with Kath Bonner-Dunham.

Network Your Business To Success
There is no mystery to it …

Networking is simply about connecting with people, yet walking into a room where you don’t know anyone can rank up there with the other great fears such as public speaking when it comes to ‘out of the comfort zone’ experiences …

Networking is a great way to grow your business, but it can be scary at first!

A lot of people are afraid of networking groups, but the truth is, we are all natural networkers; we do it every day with our family, friends and colleagues.

So choosing not to include networking as an integral part of your marketing strategy cuts you off from a vital and vibrant source of new business.

“Think of networking as a long-term proposition!”

It’s about cultivating positive relationships which are built on giving rather than taking. As well as identifying new business opportunities, networking allows you to share ideas, experience and good practice. You can meet inspirational role models, overcome isolation by meeting new people as being in business for yourself can be lonely at times, or maybe find new suppliers as well as developing relationships already started.

So what are the 7 Sins of Networking? Let’s explore them more:

1: Poor preparation and planning – Failure to set goals and research before the meeting.

2: Failure to act professionally – Lack of business cards, or being dressed inappropriately for your brand using poor body language.

3: Failure to work the room – Hiding in the shadows, avoiding eye contact and only talking to people you already know.

4: Poverty mindset – Failure in seeing the bigger picture, only seeing the people in the room and not understanding that everyone has a wider network behind them and remembering to celebrate the wins of others in the room.

5: Focused on getting vs giving – Selling hard without permission, not serving others first.
Unable to deliver a clear message – Failure in being specific and clear on the pain that you solve for people, forgetting your target market and no offer or call to action.
Lack of follow-up – Failure to help generate business through referrals for others, lack of ‘permission’ database to stay in touch and no processes for keeping the conversation going.

“You need to approach every networking situation with a genuine interest in people and a desire to help them!”

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