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A Warm Welcome From TEDxBanbury to 2020!

As we move closer to event day, and rehearsals are underway, here is a little taster of the fabulous talks and themes our wonderful speakers and performers will be bringing to the stage at
Saturday 29 February!!!

Each speaker will present a talk from the TEDxBanbury stage for 15 minutes. The event is filmed live, and recorded talks are forwarded to TED (Technology Entertainment & Design) to be uploaded to their TEDxYouTube channel and shared globally.  The TED talk with the highest viewing figure has reached over 62 million, the highest viewing figure for a TEDx Talk is 47 million.  We look forward to the voices from Banbury resonating across the world!

TEDxBanbury Presents!
Liz Dixon
‘Creativity Has No Boundary’

Liz trained as an engineer, and worked in both the Defence & Automotive industries for 26 years before taking the leap to change career when she discovered textile sculpture.  She will bring inspiring creative ideas to share from the stage!






Matthew Armitage
‘From Waterways To The Stars – Preserving Our Past For Our Future’

Matthew has been the director of Tooley’s, the oldest continuously working boatyard in the united Kingdom since 2002. A fellow of the Astronomical Society, Matthew is also designer and manufacturer of a new heavy duty, observatory based British telescope mount: ‘Astromount’, combining his passion for astronomy and engineering.  He will be considering how we can embrace the old with the new!



Anton Mozgovoy
‘How Cryptocurrency Can Bank Everyone’

Anton Mozgovoy, is a fintech specialist and former CTO of Humaniq.  He started his career at the Bank of Montreal – working on Apple Pay & Android Projects.  In 2015, he founded Finlyt, a company working on algorithmic instalments, and revolving credits.  Anton has worked on blockchain solutions to create a financial marketplace for start-ups, and believes passionately that everyone in the world should have access to a form of banking.



The Remarkable Dance Company

Connections, to be performed by the Remarkables was choreographed by Laura Dredger for Yorke Dance Project’s 20th anniversary performance.  The work created with the company was based on and inspired by Sir Robert Cohan’s ‘Communion’, and performed at the Mill Arts Centre, Banbury.



Karen Irvani
‘Have You Found Your Tribe?’

In 2012 Karen founded Parents Talking Asperger’s (PTA), now a community interest company, and together with Lisa her Co-Director, they have now established a PTA Witney in west Oxfordshire, and online, supporting families nationwide and overseas to provide emotional support to empower children and young people with autism.  She will be sharing their journey at TEDxBanbury.

Simeon Courtie
‘Aristotle – The Ultimate Stand-up Comedian’

Simeon is a writer, communications trainer and experienced broadcaster.  He has presented on national television and radio for over 20 years, from his Children’s BBC days in the 90’s to hosting the All England BBC local radio evening show in 2018.  He writes for Have I got News For You, and won the London Book Festival grand prize for his comedy memoir, ‘The Long and Whining Road’.  Simeon will be focusing on some of Aristotles philosophy, and how this can be used to best effect in comedy!

Dave Earle
‘How Your Life Choices Defines You’

Dave Earle is head coach and owner of Spit’n’Sawdust, Banbury’s boxing stable and fitness club.  Born in Leamington Spa, Dave is a former champion boxer and kick-boxer, who is now an award winning youth leader, and much respected member of the Banbury community.  His Spit’n’Sawdust gym is known for the positive role it provides, and in particular its success in reshaping the lives of youths with social issues. Dave’s talk will be moving.


Ally Kingston
‘How A Charity Box Can Make All The Difference’

Ally, a vibrant, charismatic and excitingly eloquent individual is currently studying Animal Management at Banbury & Bicester College.  As an outspoken, confident person with ASD, she has placed herself in front of hundreds of people to speak about her experience growing up.  Her intentions are always to ensure that people smile, that they laugh and are happy, and she goes about this in unexpected, unpredictable and delightful ways!  Ally will be delivering on honest heartfelt talk!

Jason Kattenhorn
‘Queer Art Is Not Just For Queer People’

With a background in illustration, design and print, Jason (He/Him/They/Them) currently supports both local and international LGBTQ+ artists.  He is founder of Sassify Magazine, a not for profit queer culture print magazine, and online features website, that luxuriates in LGBTQ+ art.


Aseem Bandali
‘My Tango Journey – How A Little Dance Class Can Change Your Life’

In 2014, Aseem, formerly a qualified social worker, embarked on an adventure, ‘Tangoing to Argentina in 80 Days’, to fundraise for Parkinson’s UK.  Following his travels, Aseem continues to enjoy Tango at every opportunity, and is currently working on his first book ‘#My Tango Journey’.  Team TEDxBanbury have a suspicion there just might be an added extra to Aseem’s talk!


The BIG Day

TEDxBanbury aims to bring you a TED like conference experience.  The day will be divided into sessions with short breaks, and embrace the TED ethos by meeting the speakers off stage, and we will be inviting guests to take part in a TEDxBanbury BIG IDEA initiative.  Here is the proposed programme schedule:

                                         11.45   Arrival & Welcome Coffee / Tea
12.30   Welcome from Dan Holley – Host
Session 1  Art & Design
1.45     Session 2  Technology
Long Break
3.45     Session 3  Performance
4.00     Session 4  Life’s Little Things Part 1
4.45     Session 5  Life’s Little Things Part 2
6.00     Close from Dan Holley – Host

Guests are invited to join the speakers, team and crew post event.

We have a few fabulous TED Summit branded event day ‘give-aways’ too!


Join in tweeting Lisa, our Social Media Manager, during the event, and listen
out for how you might win one!

Watch out for host Dan Holley, giving the inside track on what to expect from
our speakers, and from the day itself in the TEDxBanbury podcast!

Dan Holley
TEDxBanbury Host

With a background in coaching, public speaking and mentoring, Dan currently supports learners in further education as a performance coach, enabling vulnerable people to create new empowered and positive futures for themselves.  His work has led him to speak at conferences and meet-ups, including TEDxSurrey University 2017.  Dan’s primary ethos is about expression, exploration and development of the self.  He will be guiding us through the proceedings on event day, with lots of energy!

TEDxBanbury Recommends:

A must see pre-event TED Talk!
Don Tapscott’s TED Talk provides a fabulous insight into Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, and how this technology is impacting the world.

We look forward to seeing you on the 29th February!

Tickets are £45, inclusive of the 7% booking fee.

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