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About the Lifeskills Faculty

Below is details on how you can be involved with the Lifeskills Faculty at Banbury College from Sue Priest:
“Lifeskills is where we have learners who have left school without gaining English and Maths GCSE. There are various reasons for this, but suffice to say that they have not had a great experience and we want to change all that!
As well as teaching Maths GCSE across the Faculty, I’m also teaching IT with Business to a group of 10 and my aim is for my students to set up and run a simple online business, and learn skills they can use to create potential employment for themselves in the future.
They don’t have any startup cash, and the college is stumping up £20 per student from a special fund; if we can get another £30 per student, then they will have their £50 seed fund which will enable them to buy materials and do marketing for their business and hopefully have the best learning experience ever.
Any business who helps will be able to have some great PR as I will record successes and do Press Releases to the local press, so from that point of view it may be a useful thing. I would be happy to speak to anyone interested.”