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Better Business Connections

Better Business Connections brings both Business and Domestic property owners together with Renewable Energy and Battery Solutions and new Green Technologies to reduce energy costs, lower their carbon footprint and make a positive contribution towards a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and the Environment.

As an independent consultancy we find the right solution for your requirements whether a family home, a factory, fields and farms or commercial buildings and large scale projects.

We provide Air Purification technology to take out particulate matter and viruses from the air we breathe to create clean air zones. Leading Edge technology for use in Street Furniture, Government Buildings such as Courts, Council Offices, Registry Offices. Healthcare settings like Care Homes, Hospitals, Dentists, Surgeries and Health Centres. Hospitality settings like Gym’s/Spa’s, Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Guest Houses, Clubs and Entertainment Venues. Corporate venues like Conference Centres, Shared Office Facilities and Hot Desk offices. We build and scale technology to suit any situation. We help create a cleaner, more sustainable future for us all.

We are also assisting in the roll-out of free solar and battery systems to the Social Housing Sector with current capacity to provide for over 50,000 homes subject to application and approval of housing stock.