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BIG changes for Banbury Sound

Banbury sound have got some big changes planned in December.

“Everything is changing in Media- bigger brands, bigger personalities, and new listening platforms. With all this change going on around us Banbury Sound must also change, or we’ll be left behind.

The changes we are about to make are a long-term strategic move which will bring huge benefits for our local advertisers and secure our future…

We will change our on-air brand to Capital whilst at the same time increasing the number of local news bulletins we carry.

So- you’ll get all the benefits of a nationally renowned radio brand with multi-platform marketing, and superstar content and yet at the same time stay rooted in the North Oxfordshire community.

…It is a big change and it will take some getting used to… but I invite you to join us on this journey and enjoy the benefits of being an integral part of the UK’s No 1 Hit Music Station.

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