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Business Partnership Opportunites at Warriner School

The Warriner School Business Partnership Opportunities

Careers ·         Careers Fair – stands and talks

·         Enrichment days – CV writing and interview skills training / entrepreneurship

·         Mock Interviews

·         Work experience placements

·         Business Mentors


English ·         Sponsorship for school to host Banburyshire Book Event – a Warriner Literary Festival

·         Talks from local professionals /authors / open mic

·         Funding for Iris Connect – filming and recording lessons

·         Funding for story sacks

·         Funding to publish students’ work


Maths ·         Support with Maths Club

·         Talks / mini projects to encourage girls into maths / STEM

·         Guilds which could sponsor an award to go on a trip to celebrate high performance

·         Bletchly Park visit – coding /computing


Science ·         Day trips to science related businesses

·         Talks / projects to encouraging girls into physics

·         Practical equipment for physics


Computer Science & Multimedia ·         Sponsorship for IT equipment – I-pads



Geography ·         Links with environmentally sustainable businesses / sustainability policies – speakers / site visits

·         Places to take 200 students – can split between different venues

·         Opportunities to see manufacturing processes – using materials / products from abroad to sell in UK

·         National Trusts – Eco systems

·         Links with members of professional bodies – Journal contributors


History ·         Access to a selection of replica / real artefacts which can be used in lessons.

·         Links to businesses with archivists

·         Links to museum

·         Links to keen historians





Design Tech ·         Short commercial masterclasses by professionals – CAD/Engineering, Textiles, Graphics

·         Visits to local manufacturers (within one hour journey) i.e. F1, Jaguar Land Rover

·         Clients for A Level projects to facilitate ongoing design discussion

·         Funding for new dishwasher – Food Tech

·         Funding for new sewing machines (or donation of good quality second hand)


Music ·         Music bursary for disadvantaged students – instruments / lessons



Art ·         Business sponsorship for resources such as sketch books

·         Screens to view images

·         Light boxes

·         Drying racks


PE ·         Sponsorships for team strips (football, netball, basketball, rugby, hockey)

·         Mini days out to inspire students

·         Routes into companies with PE values e.g. teamwork, communication, passion – to show where PE can lead to


Languages ·         Talks / visits from business where languages integral part of their operations / links abroad

·         Promotional / advertising materials available in other languages

·         Connections with universities / MFL graduates


Philosophy & Ethics ·         Talks from faith representatives / people with life experiences /challenges which were character building


6th Form




·         Quality work experience opportunities

·         Mock interviews

·         New PA system

Social Sciences /Psychology /

Business Studies


·         Links with nurseries and pre-school – opportunities for students to observe early development / attachment

·         Links with universities

·         Talks to enrich A level Business Studies programme i.e. around finance

·         Opportunities for A Level Business Studies students to visit businesses


Drama ·         Funding for radio microphones / lighting/ legs to create wings for school hall/ Trestle Theatre Company masks / visiting TiE companies/west end performers