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BYHP can provide you with a range of support including:

Family Mediation – if you are worried that you might be kicked out of home, we can help.

Housing Advice – we can provide specialist housing advice and support you with completing forms and in appointments with the council.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support – If you struggle with your mental health we can help with group sessions and one to one support.

Training Courses – We provide a range of training opportunities for young people including our employability training course Unlocking Potential. We also run youth work training courses and food hygiene.

Youth Work – We provide a range of activities for young people in Banbury, including youth clubs, music and arts workshops.


BYHP has helped me a lot. Good advice and stuff like that, opportunity to do what we want to do. It has helped me to learn to cook which relieves stress. Good for group of friends to be together. It has a good impact on me, gets me out of the house and I can connect with the community. I have voluntary hours for my CV and know the community better. I built a garden

J – Young Person

I have heard young people describe BYHP as the closest thing to family that they have ever known.

Social Services Housing Specialist