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Company Spotlight: Sacha Barnes

This month’s ‘company spotlight’ is Sacha Barnes Ltd. Jeremy Sacha answers a few questions:-
1. How long has Sacha Barnes Ltd been members of the Chamber?
We have been members of the Chamber ever since we started the business, six years last December. Starting as a new business in the town we thought it essential that we join the business community right from the start.
2. What are the major benefits for your company being members of the Chamber?
We have found numerous benefits. They include excellent networking opportunities, free and very informative seminars, the monthly newsletter keeps us up to date with what’s on and we have an input to important issues facing local businesses. We have also thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the annual Banbury in Business events at the Spiceball Leisure Centre. Being part of a business community with the mutual support and the contact this brings is a great advantage for any new business.
3. Brief background of the company
Sacha Barnes Ltd is a consultancy providing professional services in landscape planning and design (Landscape Architecture), tree management and the retention of trees on development sites (Arboriculture), outdoor recreation, landscape heritage and wildlife conservation (Ecology). Our clients are often Planning Consultants, Architects, Developers, Property Managers and Local Authorities but we have also designed a number of large private gardens and are always pleased to help private householders with their garden and tree issues. We also carry out a lot of ‘risk management’ inspections on trees for Town and Parish Councils, corporate property managers and private householders.
4. Within the company what is your role?
My role in the company is as Joint Company Director but I also have to be a ‘Jack of all trades’ with a very hands on role, covering everything from the initial meetings with clients right through to project delivery.
5. What are the main things going on in your company at the moment?
Over the last six years we have been very fortunate to have worked with some first class consultants and contractors and in January this year we got together and formed the Oxfordshire Landscape Group. The O.L.G will provide a comprehensive range of landscape services as a very convenient ‘One Stop Shop’ for clients who require a professional and trusted landscape service and don’t have the time to hunt around for separate designers, advisors and contractors. All members of the Group are based locally in North Oxfordshire but we also have the capacity to work nationwide. Please check out the new website at
6. Do you think the business environment in Banbury is thriving?
I meet a lot of local business people and the feedback I receive is one of growing optimism and so yes, I do think the business environment in Banbury is thriving. But I also network more widely and there is a lot of competition on Banbury’s doorstep. In order to keep ahead of the game the road infrastructure serving the town needs to be improved and there has to be ongoing investment to maintain the vitality of the town centre.
For more info on Sacha Barnes, please visit their website here.