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Company Spotlight – Walraven

This month’s ‘company spotlight’ is Walraven. Gary Gardner, General Manager answers a few questions:-

1.     How long has Walraven been members of the Chamber?

We joined the Banbury Chamber of Commerce in 2012

2.     What are the major benefits for your company being members of the Chamber?

Being a member allows us to increase our company profile within the local area and beyond.  It also offers us a fantastic opportunity to network with other local businesses  and keeps us up to date on local issues.

3.     Brief background of the company

Walraven Ltd began life over 70 years ago in Holland but today we are an internationally active company with Sales and Production facilities around the world.   We are a major manufacturer  of Pipe Supports,  Electrical Fixings and Fire Protection Systems.

4.     Within the company what is your role?

Industrial Hangers Ltd (IHL) was established in 1972 and taken over  by Walraven Ltd in 1998. Having worked for both companies for more than 20 years I am now General Manager of Walraven UK.  I oversee the Sales and Production facilities in Banbury and aim to drive business growth in the UK, I also offer support to our newest company based in Detriot,USA.

5.     What are the main things going on in your company at the moment?

The Walraven Group is in full growth with new products being developed and new markets being explored.  Developing and implementing new ideas is very important to us and we always strive to improve and advance our current product range.   Just recently we have announced a new staff fundraising initiative, ‘Walraven Community Supports’.  This allows our staff the opportunity to organise and attend fundraising events for four nominated charities.

6.     Do you think the business environment in Banbury is thriving?

Yes, there are many indications to suggest that Banbury is thriving.  The proposed development of a new retail park is a very exciting prospect for Banbury.  The hope is this will bring more business, retail or otherwise to the surrounding area.