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David Medhall Surveying & Photography

The company is run by David Hughes, a surveyor with 25 years experience in the industry and a speciality in Mechanical/Electrical Surveying and Capital Allowances, although we practice all aspects of the surveying spectrum.

The photographic side came about ironically enough because when I was the M & E QS at Kings Cross our relationship with the contractor became so acrimonious that I filmed and photographed all the valuations so we could prove that our valuations were fair and also it’s good to have a complete record of how the work progressed; in the end we made a film about it (showing how the project progressed to it’s finish)  which is on DVD and got a reasonable review.

This side blossomed somewhat and then moved into landscape, portrait, photography where upon Dido Streater-Moore decided I should have an exhibition of them and it’s taken of from there to include events and weddings. We have three professional photographic printers and can print up to A1 as long as you like. Also convert slides to jpeg and subsequently prints.

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