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The Grant – Webb Partnership T/A Auditel

Auditel: Lowering the cost of doing business

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Auditel is a leading, specialist cost and purchase management consultancy.

Nationally we help thousands of organisations across the UK, via 180 franchisees, to reduce financial waste and improve their bottom line profits.

With a combination of our unique Total Cost of Purchase business model and a contingency-based fee structure, we make impressive and sustainable savings for our clients without it costing them a penny.

So even if you think you have all your costs under control in your organisation, it wouldn’t hurt to have a “business health check” just to be sure and to understand how the Auditel process can work for you.

The Grant-Webb Partnership T/A Auditel – who are Simon Grant (Left) – based in Kenilworth and Ian Webb (Right) – based in Banbury, look forward to meeting you and seeing you at future Banbury Chamber of Commerce events.