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Great Wolf Lodge Oxfordshire

What we know so far about the proposed development:

  • Great Wolf Resorts currently have no resorts in Europe. They have identified the UK as a priority market, along with Mexico.
  • Subject to planning being granted, they intend purchasing land by the M40 between junctions 9 and 10, currently occupied by Chesterton Golf Club. If the development goes ahead, an existing small hotel will remain along with nine holes of the golf course, separate from this resort development.
  • A planning application was submitted last month and they expect it to come before the committee in March
  • The concept is a 498 room hotel and 7000 m2 water park.  To put this into context, the water park at Alton Towers is 4500 m2
  • Use of the water park is primarily aimed at residents of the hotel. However, this was clearly proving to be a barrier because they have conceded that discounted day passes will be offered to local people (how local was not defined).
  • Their target market is families, mainly those with children up to 12 years.
  • There will be a small conference facility but this is not really seen as a business focused venue
  • 600 permanent jobs will be offered when they are up and running
  • 1100 (average) jobs when the site is under construction
  • £200 million investment.  They will spend locally when they can.
  • Estimated that £5.7 million will be spent locally in the community by visitors to the resort.
  • There will be a free shuttle to both Bicester railway stations. Also, a footpath to Bicester.
  • About 1/3 of the site (see below) will remain a public amenity and consist of lakes and trail, as you see in the plans
  • Naturally the people of Chesterton are concerned that such a big development will “decimate” the village (Oxford Mail).  Traffic is a primary concern.
  • Great Wolf counter that a hotel of this size results in a similar number of traffic movements to a small supermarket. Only minor revisions to the junction onto the site are planned and no road improvements