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HS2 and your business

Being a good neighbour to communities includes working
closely with local businesses based along the route of the
new railway. We recognise the value that local businesses
can bring to the Project and want to help maximise the
benefits we can deliver for local communities.

Onboard with local business
During peak construction we’ll require 30,000 people to design and build the railway at multiple construction sites
along the route. They will all, at various times, need places to stay, food to eat, and many other services and amenities.
We want to find out more about what the local business community can offer. Your business may be able to provide
some of the key services that our contractors and workers will be looking for, and we want to make sure you know
about potential opportunities to get involved in the Project. If your business is near the route of the new railway, please let our Business Engagement team know a little bit about what you do by visiting:

We’ll use this information to keep in contact with you and we’ll also share the details you give us with our contracting
partners, to help them understand what local resources are available.

Wider suppliers and businesses
As well as working with local business communities, we’re creating thousands of contract opportunities for businesses right across the UK. Visit our supply chain page to find out more about our supply chain opportunities:

What is HS2?
High Speed Two (HS2) is the new high speed railway for Britain. It will support fast, frequent, reliable journeys to over 100 cities and towns, including eight of our largest cities. We plan to build HS2 in phases. Phase One will connect Birmingham to London from 2026. Phase Two will connect Birmingham to Crewe by 2027 and extend the route to Manchester and Leeds by 2033. We’re committed to being a good neighbour by treating the communities
we operate in with respect and compassion. This means we’re working hard to mitigate the impact of building and operating the new railway.

Keeping you informed
We are committed to keeping you informed about work on HS2. This includes ensuring you know what to expect and
when to expect it, as well as how we can help. Residents’ Charter and Commissioner The Residents’ Charter is our promise to communicate as clearly as we possibly can with people who live along or near the HS2 route.

We also have an independent Residents’ Commissioner whose job is to make sure we keep to the promises we make in the Charter and to keep it under constant review. Find reports at:

You can contact the Commissioner at:

Construction Commissioner
The Construction Commissioner’s role is to mediate and monitor the way in which HS2 Ltd manages and
responds to construction complaints. You can contact the Construction Commissioner by emailing:

Property and compensation
You can find out all about HS2 and properties along the line of route by visiting:

Find out if you’re eligible for compensation at:

Holding us to account
If you are unhappy for any reason you can make a complaint by contacting our HS2 Helpdesk team. For
more details on our complaints process, please visit our website: