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Kannegiesser UK Ltd. has named Dr Paul Morley as their new Director of Supertrack and Health & Safety

Kannegiesser UK Ltd. has named Dr Paul Morley as their new Director of Supertrack and Health & Safety.

Dr Morley, will work to guide the enthusiastic and innovative developments in Design, Project Management, Research & Development, Manufacturing and Installation. He will also be responsible for implementing new organisational strategies, focussing on the creation of new products and services

“We are an adaptable and innovative company, and are experts in handling fast-paced changes in laundry technology. Our Research and Development team is the strongest in the field and is made up of energetic and highly driven team members. Currently we are developing several new concepts which we believe will shake up the industry. It is a very exciting time for Kannegiesser.”

As part of his dynamic and enthusiastic visions for Kannegiesser, Dr Morley is keen to encourage growth in all aspects of the business. In particular he has set some key targets for development – to look at basic project handling within the Technical Design Department, also to look at improving the installation processes.

Paul Morley has a long track record within Kannegiesser UK most recently as head of the UK Project Management team. In this role, he was successful in developing strategic initiatives to ensure profitability as well as managing individual projects.

Paul Morley began his career in the laundry industry at Initial Textile Services in 1991. He then joined the UK division Böwe Passat in their UK service office in 1996 before moving to Ducker UK in 1998 as project engineer. Here he progressed to project manager and worked on some of the largest and most prestigious laundry builds in the UK, if not the world. He also studied for a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical Modelling. During 2016 he made the transition to the Supertrack Department of Kannegiesser UK and was appointed Director in January 2018.

About Kannegiesser UK:

Kannegiesser’s success in the UK market in selling and commissioning advanced, automated, laundry processing machinery has been remarkable, and in 2016 turnover was in excess of £40 million! Equally impressive has been the parallel development of industry-leading laundry Monorail Transport Systems which form a significant position in the automation of the laundry processing revolution which has taken place over the last ten years.

The design and manufacture of the Supertrack Monorail System in Banbury has been a success story to draw favourable comparisons with that shown by the Formula One industry, which is also largely based nearby in Banbury and North Oxfordshire. From a standing start the Supertrack business has fulfilled its ambitions to be a successful part of the worldwide success of the complete Kannegiesser range of laundry machinery so that typically 80% of the products of the Banbury plant, are now exported to Kannegiesser customers around the world. Looking past Brexit, it’s interesting to note that about 20-30% of our exports are to countries outside the EU,

Currently employing 170 people, The Supertrack manufacturing base in Banbury grew to give employment in Banbury to upwards of 70 additional engineering personnel since the new facility opened in 2013. Every grade of engineering skill is available in the Supertrack plant – from apprentices through to graduate specialists and progressive opportunities are available at every level throughout the work force.

With the success of the Banbury plant now demonstrated, the pressing demands for space have been accommodated in the newly opened Phoenix Centre a short distance from the main building on the Beaumont Road estate. This 12,000 square foot facility was designed as a multi-use space and includes an R & D, Design and Test facility, for advanced technical development work, as well as a purpose-designed conference and seminar space, for both in-house and customer technical presentations and Workshops and training accommodation to suit all requirements. In a very positive sense, Kannegiesser UK Ltd. drives its own success from its Banbury base, world-wide.