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Mental health courses at Fat Panda First Aid Training

We all have mental health…sometimes good and sometimes not!

1 in 4 people will have a mental health problem at some point in their lifetime.

1 in 5 people take a day off due to stress, of which 90% cite a different reason i.e. migraine, backache, tummy bugs (

Anyone can be affected by a mental health condition, either themselves or a family member, friend or colleague. Mental health events in the workplace are on the increase, due to many factors. New figures published by the HSE for 2017/2018 show that days lost at work due to mental health issues are on the rise and that the average annual cost to businesses per employee is £1300!


Although there is no legal requirement for Mental Health first aid provision in the workplace, we feel a change is afoot with all the excellent focus in the media on Mental Health.

Companies who have implemented Mental Health training certainly receive a higher level of admiration and have become extremely attractive for potential employees. Mental Health first aiders promote good working practice, reduce stigma in visiting the rehab in workplace by educating other colleagues about what do you do during rehab, and help to implement the ’First Aid Action Plan’ when dealing with difficult situations, providing colleagues with support and signposting to professional help if required.

84% of Managers in the workplace feel responsible for their teams wellbeing…only 24% of them feel they have received adequate training.


We can help deliver that adequate training. We offer 2 levels of Mental Health First Aid Training courses:

1Day First Aid for Mental Health – (Level 2 course)


The one-day mental health first aid course is for those wanting to gain awareness of mental illness including Depression, Stress, Anxiety and Drugs & Alcohol. Understanding common mental health illnesses facilitates support for one’s own mental health, family and the wellbeing of colleagues in the workplace.

Knowing how to help, provide support, and have difficult conversations in the workplace about mental health issues, is vital in promoting a positive environment at work making employees feel valued, supported and cared for. The First Aid action plan is a fantastic tool in ensuring a colleague is safe at work…and helps to signpost a colleague to the required professional support. The skills you will learn can also be adapted into the home environment.




What is First Aid for Mental Health

Identifying Mental Health conditions

Provide Advice & start difficult conversations


Drugs & alcohol

First Aid Action Plan

Mental Health in the workplace



(Self harm; suicide; psychosis; eating disorders are also briefly covered)

(Written Paper 1)

2 Day Supervising First Aid for Mental Health – (Level 3 course)

This Level 3 course builds on Day 1 and covers a wider range of MH conditions in greater depth, such as self harm, Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Eating disorders, Suicide, Psychosis, Bipolar, Personality disorders, and Schizophrenia.


Introduction & ‘recap of Day 1’

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Self harm


Eating disorders

Personality disorders

Bipolar disorders



(Assessment & course closure)



1 day – £130.00

2 day – £250.00

(each course certificate is valid for 3years)

The dates for the 1 and 2 day courses are as follows:

 1Day First Aid for Mental Health – (Level 2 course)

Feb 5th, March 4th, April 1st

Day Supervising First Aid for Mental Health – (Level 3 course)

Feb 6th, March 5th, April 2nd


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