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New Mental Health Workshop Specifically For Smaller Businesses

360Wellbeing follows news of their recent arrival, with the announcement of a new low-cost mental health workshop, that is aimed at Oxfordshire’s Sole Traders, Micro Businesses and SME’s. 

360Wellbeing has launched a new Mental Health Workshop aimed specifically at the smaller business, bringing together essential mental health knowledge, coping strategies and self-care techniques to empower Sole Traders, Micro and SME business owners, to better manage their own symptoms and lives.

Gaining a better understanding of Mental Health and receiving relevant training on the subject, is of greater importance to Sole Traders, Micro businesses and SME’s. Where finances are tight, employee numbers are minimal, if at all, with stresses and strains being felt by everyone including the families! As Sole Traders, you cannot afford to be unwell, after all who would carry on working when you’re ill? Employers who have just started taking on employees, it is a big step and a costly one too, so employees being unproductive or absent is a problem you can ill afford and whilst many business owners recognise that implementing a Mental Health strategy as the right thing to do, for employees and themselves, it can be expensive and timely. Can’t it?

Well maybe until now! The Workshop has been developed by founders of 360Wellbeing, Amelia Thorpe and Nick Wilson, who have both previously set up and run successful businesses in their own right. They can relate to the stress, difficulties, concerns and challenges faced, as they have been through similar times and continue to do so with their new business. For them though, the difference is they know how to manage such daily challenges, so problems aren’t as overwhelming or in control of our lives and they wanted to share this knowledge with as many people as possible.

You too can learn how to better manage even the biggest of problems and as they believe that Mental Health should be made uncomplicated and cost effective, where possible, this wonderful Workshop is only three hours long, meaning you don’t have to spend that much time away from your business and is brought to you for the lowly price of only £47+vat.


You can read more on the workshop and register your interest through the link below, with the first one running on Wednesday 11th September at Storagebase in Banbury, you can email them directly via – as they are trying to keep costs down by not putting it up on sites like Eventbrite.


360 Wellbeing provides businesses and organisations with all round support within workplace mental health. From guidance and consultancy, to training and implementation, holistic therapies and one to one counselling. They are there for all your workplace mental health requirements, providing a better understanding and guiding you in the most effective way of implementing the training that together we identified was right for you. Through L.I.F.E, we Lead, Inspire, Facilitate and Empower, employers to make informed decisions on how best to support the mental wellbeing of their employees, that leads to reduced business costs and overall improved efficiency.