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New Workplace Mental Health Support Launches

Today sees the launch of 360Wellbeing, a new mental health support company in Oxfordshire, providing its workplace mental health services to businesses and organisations that require guidance, training and on-going support for the wellbeing of its employee’s, whilst reducing costs. 

This is not your standard new business launch though, it sees the merger of two successful mental wellbeing companies whose owners and now new business partners, are also partners in their personal lives. Amelia Thorpe, formerly of Feel Good Studios, and Nick Wilson, formerly of Working Minds Matter, bring together the key elements of their relevant businesses, professional experiences and personal skill sets, to provide fully Holistic support to the client. 

“There is a rise in the number of companies providing mental health training, yet few assists with implementation guidance and follow up support, at 360Wellbeing we do. Effectiveness of training is reduced, leading to inefficiencies and a lower return on investment, it is the employees who really suffer, not with 360Wellbeing. With these facts and an opinion that Mental Health First Aid is the only course available, that it is almost a “silver bullet” for Mental Health, we wish to demonstrate a more efficient way of doing things. 360Wellbeing provides a better understanding of Mental Health, making it more accessible for individuals and organisationally. We care, because we have been there and still on a journey of recovery, so we can help to guide you whilst your own wellbeing journey begins, albeit as an organisation, but let’s not complicate things, lets identify the solutions together” – Nick Wilson, Director, Mind Health Ambassador and Motivational Speaker. 

There is another reason behind the merger, Nick is an Army Veteran who served 14years for Queen and country, deploying on multiple operations around the globe such as: Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. During this time, Nick gained injuries both physically and mentally, leaving him disabled, bringing various symptoms, limitations and complications that can have a huge impact on daily life. The merger will enable them to provide full reassurance to their clients, ensuring reliability and that they can operate at full capacity alongside their peers and competitors. 

“Nick is very determined to not allow his limitations to dictate his life, to work his business, support his clients and live life. It is important to us that we walk our talk in both our personal and professional lives; that includes finding the balance for Nick to best manage his daily fight with physical and mental ill health. Everything we offer in 360 is backed by both our lived experiences of a mental illness, combined with our professional qualification. What’s exciting is that this merger will allow us to ensure those we work with are fully supported from initial consultation, through training to follow up support and in-house counselling for employees. Helping businesses to effectively and efficiently implement the training they invest in.” – Amelia Thorpe, Founder, Counsellor and Trainer. 

360 Wellbeing provides businesses and organisations with all round support within workplace mental health. From guidance and consultancy, to training and implementation, holistic therapies and one to one counselling. They are there for all your workplace mental health requirements, providing a better understanding and guiding you in the most effective way of implementing the training that together we identified was right for you. Through L.I.F.E, we Lead, Inspire, Facilitate and Empower, employers to make informed decisions on how best to support the mental wellbeing of their employees, that leads to reduced business costs and overall improved efficiency.