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Local Retailer Nicholls named in list of 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain

Local retailer Nicholls named in list of 1000 Companies to Inspire BritainAt the Banbury Chamber of Commerce we know that local businesses work hard at their success. We know they put in hours and effort to improve and inspire. And we love to see it officially confirmed.

Every year, the London Stock exchange in collaboration with a number of financial institutions and the Daily Telegraph track the performance of UK businesses and produce a list of 1000 Companies to inspire Britain.

The report is an annual celebration of some of the fastest growing and most dynamic small and medium sized enterprises and local kitchen and bathroom specialist Nicholls has been listed in the 1000!

With frequent news reports about the challenges facing the retail sector and consumers’ reluctance to part with their hard-earned money, this is especially heartening to see. Despite the difficult economic climate, retailers can be sucessful.

Adam England from Nicholls thinks so, too, and says: “Obviously we are very proud to find ourselves listed, however this wouldn’t be possible without our brilliant hardworking staff, loyal customers and the communities in which we provide our services. However, with my Chamber hat on it’s great news for all businesses in Banbury and District that a local business has made the listing!”

We couldn’t agree more.

If you’d like to see who has made the list of Britain’s 1000 most inspirational businesses… you can check out the report here.