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Positive outlook for Banbury Business say 86% of Chamber Members as election approaches

A survey of Banbury Chamber of Commerce members has overwhelmingly given the thumbs up to a positive view of the economy and business prospects in Banbury in 2015.

86% of respondents said that they thought prospects for business would get better, with 97% saying things would be the same or better. More than 43% of the survey indicated that employment numbers were up on last year, and 54% thought they would be higher still in the coming year.

In commenting on the economy, Banbury Chamber of Commerce members were almost unanimous in giving the economy a strong report card, with most hopeful that the upturn in the economy would prove to be lasting. “I’m hoping that the economy will remain strong in 2015 which will lead to more opportunities for employment” said one member.

But the feedback received by the Chamber also struck a note of caution as the election approaches and uncertainty remains over the UK’s membership in Europe. Some businesses were more cautious with their remarks: “The economy looks positive, I do believe that there remains uncertainty over our membership of the EU that must be resolved” said one. Local factors were also a concern: “The economy is improving…however the dynamics of the town centre may impact this”