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Spring Soirée with a Taste of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s economy has collapsed; but tourism continues to drive up much-needed foreign direct investment. For centuries, this beautiful tropical island has been considered paradise on Earth. Host to brightly coloured birds and flowers, warm and welcoming people, bemusing wildlife, sun-kissed fruits and a treasure house of spices and gems; it is the only country where you can see the world’s largest land mammal (the elephant) and the largest marine mammal (the Blue Whale) within an hour of each other.

Sri Lanka has it all: hike the luscious green hills of the tea country; visit ancient temples, go on safari, enjoy Ayurvedic treatments, or watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean, whilst washing down a plate of devilled prawns with a chilled Lion Lager.

The island’s civilisation dates back 2,500 years B.C.E. The stunning landscape is blessed with 8 UNESCO world heritage sites, a fascinating culture and one of the oldest documented histories on Earth.

The 2019 Easter Day attacks, compounded by the pandemic caused significant financial hardship. Right now, the people are protesting for the President to quit. Generating foreign exchange by travel is essential for the people of Sri Lanka as £1 is now over 400 Rupees.

Banbury’s, Chanaka Fernando, moved to England 20 years ago from Sri Lanka. Having worked in London’s Michelin-starred restaurants, he now runs 3Flavours Restaurant in Banbury. In his own small way on the 5th May, he is letting you know Sri Lanka is still open for travel and inviting you to taste some of the wonders of paradise.

Tickets are £20 each, include food, two speciality cocktails and entry into the exclusive raffle.  Prizes include a half-day business consultation with The Investment Committee and boutique hotel stays in Sri Lanka.  Book now: