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Banbury’s Tramway Road Gets a Shot in the Arm

The Oxford Growth board is planning to spend £30 million in the first year of the five-year project to improve infrastructure and affordable housing across Oxfordshire. £657,000 of that pot will be used to turn Banbury’s Tramway Road into a link road for buses and taxis and provide replacement access into the railway station’s west car park.

The Oxfordshire Growth Board Tackles Banbury's Tramway Road | Banbury Chamber of Commerce

Bus journeys into the town centre should improve as a result. The redesign will also provide a quality access road into the Canalside redevelopment area and – much anticipated by all! – reduce the traffic load on the continually congested Bridge Street junction.

The Banbury scheme is one of ten projects to share around £12m of funding over the next year. In addition, the Growth Board announced a further £20m of funding to be used across the county to support a range of other infrastructure projects.