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Have you ever calculated what it costs you to operate a car over the course if the year, then looked at home much you actually use it?
We did.
How much does it cost you per day, and how much do you actually drive it? Does it in fact spend 96% of the time sitting there, costing you money?

We offer customers access to a car for just the hours they actually need one, delivered to your door, collected from your door, for a single hourly rate.
No subscriptions, no minimum orders or membership fees. Just pay for the hours you need.
Only use your car to commute to work and back again?
Or to do the school run and the after school clubs?
Do you have a second car that only gets used a few hours a week, but you pay for it 24/7?
Do you need a car to get to a job interview, but cant afford to buy one?
Does your business want to offer a pool car or courtesy car but you done want the full time over head?
Would you like to drive a brand new EV, but cant afford one?
Zimbl has the answer. Starting in Banbury, we will offer our state of the art service to everyone for just £8 per hour and 30p per KWH of battery used.
All our cars are brand new EV’s, we will deliver and collect from any address in Banbury.